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Fulfillment and Email notification

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  • Fulfillment and Email notification

    I've figured out how to post my shipping date and tracking number back to my order using PUT 3dCartWebAPI/v1/Orders/{orderid}/Shipments/{shipmentid}.

    What I'm not sure about is how to set the order status to "shipped" and to trigger a notification email. For the order, can I call PUT 3dCartWebAPI/v1/Orders/{orderid} with just the order status in the body, like:


    or do I have to pull the order, change the order status ID, and then repost the whole thing?

    And then how do I trigger an email to be sent? thanks!

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    Trigger email notifications?

    Is there a way to trigger email notifications through the API? I want to trigger the "Order Shipped" email when I've set a tracking number and ship date on a Shipment?


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      Updating order status via REST API?

      I can't figure out how to update an order status via the REST API. I have tried grabbing the full order object, updating the OrderStatusID, and re-posting it via the PUT command - but that errors out with:

      [{"Key":"OrderID","Value":"","Status":"400","Messag e":"Shipment Company is required"}]

      Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.


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        Hi Justintime,

        There are some required when fields adding/updating orders via API, so it's probably easiest to PUT the entire Order object when performing the update.

        Regarding email notifications, as long as the 'bypassorderprocessing' parameter is not set to true (1) in the request you make, the order notifications should work as they normally do. Make sure the order status you're trying to send notifications for is enabled in Settings>>General>>Store Settings.

        If it is, and you still can't get the order notification sent, please send the example request to [email protected] so we can investigate.


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          If you want to the normal email notifications when updating an order status that you are used to seeing with 3dcart. Use the basic api.

          The advanced api won't run the email scripts. Never worked with the RESTful api so no suggestions there. I'd use the basic api to accomplish what you're asking.