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OrderStatus not updating, C# API

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  • OrderStatus not updating, C# API

    I am using the provided C# API and trying to update an Order to have an OrderStatus of a different integer. Response returns valid and "Order Updated", but verifying on the cart side, the order in question maintains its original OrderStatus

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    BUMP. Update: came back to see if maybe I missed something. I have verified that the Order Status is in fact getting changed OKAY through code, before PutAsJsonAsync method is ran. Still getting a valid response saying the order was updated, but the order still does not update OrderStatusID.


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      Hi Brian,

      I ran into this issue as well. I'm not using the C# api, but just making normal http requests to the 3DCart endpoint. In your order object make sure you are setting both the OrderStatusID as well as the ShipmentOrderStatus in the Shipment List.

      My js code looks like this. order is a js object.

      order.OrderStatusID = 2; // processing
      order.ShipmentList[0].ShipmentOrderStatus = 2; // processing