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Rewards Points Calculation Creating Issues for Us

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  • Rewards Points Calculation Creating Issues for Us

    This may be of interest for people who use the rewards points module, and make order adjustments prior to shipping.

    Daily Operations:
    We give a 5% reward to the customers rewards account on most purchases.
    We are on delayed capture, and do not capture CC until we ship as it is common for our customers orders to get adjusted by us and them.
    When we ship, we capture the funds, and that is when the order total is correct.

    Example: Original Order amount $6977.82

    The customer cancelled one line item bringing the order total to $2023.32

    However, the customer was awarded 348 rewards points based upon the original order value, not the correct (Shipped) order value. The rewards points should not be awarded until the order shifts to 'Shipped', and then they should be calculated based upon that order value. Currently if customers change their orders, those changes are not being taken into account in the rewards calculation.

    I do not find place in the setting where I can fix this. Is this a problem anyone else experiences, or are our operations different to the point this only applies to us?


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    Hi Scott,
    Yes, this is indeed an issue, the points are calculated when the order is placed.
    If you were to cancel the entire order, the points would go away, however, changes to the order after the fact are not tracked.
    We are going to be making an update to the points module to not assign them until you move to a certain status, that should solve your issue as well as you could have the points not be assigned until order is shipped, and so no matter what changes are done, they will be reflected at that time. The update is scheduled, but won't be out until i would say around May as we have other things in the works right now.

    In the mean time, you can adjust the points by going to the customer's record, reward tab, and assigning negative points, ie -1000 with a caption like Order XX correction.
    Gonzalo Gil
    3dCart Support
    800-828-6650 x111