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  • MSN® adCenter - Want to try it?

    I just got an email:

    We're excited to recognize your participation and feedback that have helped us shape the pilot of MSN® adCenter. To thank you for using adCenter to promote your business, we'd like to offer you an exclusive opportunity to refer friends and colleagues to apply for the pilot.

    So, share the benefits of adCenter today and access your exclusive invitations. We look forward to welcoming your friends and colleagues to MSN adCenter.


    The MSN adCenter team

    So... who wants an invitation :)?
    Gonzalo Gil
    3dCart Support
    800-828-6650 x111

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    Count us in!



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      Please also send me the necessary info to get going as well!


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        Hi Gil,

        Please send us the info as well.


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          Got an invitation but don't know understand how to run the ads. Can anyone help?

          Gil, I applied when you first mentioned this. I received an invitation a short time afterwards. I have never ran an ad campaign. It is very confusing to me. Can anyone offer suggestons?


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            Illuminati wants the invite

            Thanks homie


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              I'm a little late, but count me in Gonzalo.

              Melanie @ Coolights


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                did any one try MSN adcenter? Could you post some input?


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                  MSN AdCenter

                  I have used both Google Adwords, Yahoo Overture and MSN adcenter. I have to say that Yahoo Overture is my favority. Google seems to be tyring to get as much money as it possilby can per click and is very misleading about how much you need to bid. There wasn't ever anything wrong with using MSN, but Yahoo just seemed to get me better results. One of my concerns with MSN AdCenter is that the people at Yahoo have repeatedly told me that they run the ads for MSN's articles. It makes me wonder if placing ads in Yahoo AND MSN is just an overlap of money.


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                    "Shopping Engines"

                    Google seems to be trying to get as much money as it possibly can per click and is very misleading about how much you need to bid. [/QUOTE]

                    I totally agree with you. We run over Yahoo! Search marketing (overture), Adwords Froogle (free) and Yahoo! Product Submit. The best leads are Product Submit with little $$, Google is a waste of money, and Y! search marketing is much better that Google.
                    So in our case Froogle (Google Base) and Y! Product submit is a thumb up.
                    We are now trying Shopzilla, but the approval takes for ever (4 days already and still waiting although they charge you right away). I complained they say once the ads start running the next upload is approved within 6-12 hours.
                    We also signed up for still waiting for a call back.
                    Well anyway if you o not advertise you do not sell, like it or not you need to invest and be patient. As you can see either ebay,,, etc they all do massive online adversisemt.
                    My 2cents (I keep the change :D )
                    Marcos @