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    I see 3dcart is using Facebook ads and was wondering if they've seen any traction?

    We've deployed several campaigns and found them useful to build your fan base but not so much for sales.

    I watched a Facebook sponsored stories webinar yesterday and will twiddle with that.

    Just wondering if anyone else has experience with FB ads?

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    Yep, I wasted my money with them. Didn't see any results at all.


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      Advertising on facebook is still a goldmine given the right ad and product. There are many complete facebook store apps to help you get the sales.
      Go Live Industries


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        Facebook Ads


        I ran a couple of ads in June which is the beginning of my slow season. Both ads had the same audience. One was targeted just to make sales, the other to increase my likes.

        Here is the result:

        My likes increased from 50 to 135
        Sales: within the first week of my 2 week campaign I got 1 sale of $150.00

        Ad cost: like ad = $25.00
        Sale ad = $50.00

        Will I do it again? Heck, yeah! :D

        Hope this helps.


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          Facebook ads follow up

          After some experimentation - tried sponsored stories for 30 days - little traction. went back to FB ads - this time I added a "Fan-gating" welcome page which really helped likes. using $5/mo

          Google analytic s was not accurate. I installed Web Analytics in Real Time | Clicky for $9.99/mo - very nice real time metrics including a Chrome extension so you can always see the number of visitors on you site in the chrome tool bar

          I now send all my FB ad traffic to our fan page. What's interesting is for every Like we get on FB we get the same amount of visitors to our site. Now we have visitors who see who we are on FB so we have a lot of creditably when they come to the site.

          Our average FB CPC is .32. Low cost high quality - we've added 1000 likes since the initial post in this thread


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            we've been running one recently... seems it's done better in Canada than in the US (unsure why right now)

            it's been about a week and we've netted ~20likes and an extra ~200 visits per day. Both resulted in extra business which was nice.

            do it again? probably!


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              Facebook Ads

              Facebook ads, in my personal experience, are great at building a fanbase ON FACEBOOK. So if you are running ads to your fanpage, they can have great conversions in terms of users liking the page ( especially with a great landing page). But when you run facebook ads to your site, the clicks/conversions vary depending on the product.
              People are more comfortable being led inside Facebook, it feels less like an ad. So consider driving them to your fanpage or your 3dcart Facebook store.


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                Advertising is extremely important to any business venture.

                The difference though lies in the medium you choose as that vechile.

                Weather it be free ads, yahoo, facebook or what ever. Take the time to learn at least on way. There no way you can master them all, it's way to much to understand.

                Find something though that you can feel passionate about and everything will start to flow and you'll soon discover that the old way's of advertising are still relevant.