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    Anyone using Retargeting and Display Advertising | AdRoll Retargeting We're past our trial period and thinking about increasing the spend. I'll take feed back on any re-targeting software.


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    We've been using it for about 2 months. If you believe view conversions are real, the numbers are fantastic. If you only count click-through conversions, the numbers are horrible. Me, I tend to not count view conversions. Why? Because if we believed the view conversions were real, our overall numbers would be much better. Instead, our orders have remained very steady. We can pause and unpause a week at a time and either way seems to have very little impact on the overall numbers. I think we're going to turn off the service.


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      view through

      yeah - that's my sense - here's what I just wrote them I'll let you know what they say

      Before I quadruple my spending (as AdRoll has recently quadrupled its revenue) I’m still unclear on Adroll's definition of optimization. I’m also unclear on this segment thing – support says our list isn’t big enough – I say we’re catering to pet owners covering 350 species of parrots & more than 370 parakeets species alone. Our customer base defines segmented – can I be using your software better?

      I see lots of “view through” conversions how do I know your software isn’t simply taking credit for my triggered & marketing emails and social media marketing efforts? I’m not trying to be troublesome but I’m trying get some clarity here. Shopalize and Addshoppers are claiming conversions. Google analytics is pointing at other sources. Perhaps your new boss Suresh can explain how our returning to Adwords this month will impact retargeting from Adwords ads? Who gets “view through” conversion credit – you or them?

      Here’s my quandary – we are a small business – I can spend $500 on a pallet of bird food (we offer about 260 skus) and turn that into $750 - $800 in 30 days or less – is there a clearer ROI line for AdRoll? If it makes me money, I’d be foolish not to spend it on your product.


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        I think we're in your court - just not seeing any "boost" they're talking about - will probably turn off as well


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          I want what they're smoking



          I just paused the campaign – If you look at our stats for Wed July 11 – the dashboard is indicating 22 view through conversions – we had a gateway issue yesterday and only processed 2 orders – If you took my demeanor on your initial call to me as “distrust” your stats now confirm your dashboard is creating mythical numbers – something I suspected from the outset.


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            We actually have a bug, which I just found out this morning and I've been contacting all of my clients to let them know about. The current bug is actually effecting the conversions & view thrus within our dashboard.

            I am sorry to hear that you are pausing your campaign and you don't trust us. If you are interested, I will let you know when the bug is fixed.



            The bug has been fixed and your view thrus are actually 12 not 22. I apologize for the technical issues we were having earlier.

            I also thought that this article might be helpful for you to understand attribution and View-Through Search Conversions. Attribution and View-Through Search Conversions | ClickZ

            Have a good day,

            How on gods green earth can you attribute 12 "conversions" when we only had 2 orders for the entire day?

            Mitch Rezman

            It is 12 orders over the entire time that your program has run not all in one day.

            Jennifer Schwam | Brand Solutions

            so the dashboard is indicating 35 orders over the entire time that my
            program has run and that means " It is 12 orders over the entire time that
            your program has run not all in one day" is true - false - an estimate -
            you're just making numbers up?

            This is not my first rodeo - I've had merchant
            processors, analytics providers, seo's all saying at one time "geez - we
            were just going to call (email) you about this bug/adjustment (fill in the
            blank) - you're right the figures are not accurate but they're fixed NOW"

            please - I'm an end user and much like a visitor who feels the site they
            have visited is not trustworthy, I'll not be back.

            please ask support for a refund on my behalf as I made the decision to
            continue after the trial based upon false and misleading information - if I
            had ramped up to $500 a month and then found this "bug" existed, I would
            have filed charges in the County of San Francisco.

            This experience will be shared with my appropriate LinkedIn groups and my
            SEMPO associates.

            I'll be looking for the refund

            Thank you

            Mitch Rezman

            appears to be a Bernie Madoff spin off


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              Wow, we were not told of this by our rep. Good thing our campaign is paused. We've spent a few thousand testing it and I think it may have been a big waste.


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                Mitch, I can only assume you are still sour on Adroll?

                Any others you've tried and like?


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                  the FBX wasteland

                  after getting confirmation from 2 companies that click through conversions were overstated (and 3 - 5 sites all claiming the same "view through" conversions) I have nothing good to say about FBX inventory

                  Further we've invested heavily in Facebook, cracked 100,000 fans two weeks ago and will have 200,000 fans in about two months - that and five dollars may get you a cup of latte

                  when you start to dissect Facebook insights metrics, they are convoluted and contradictory which may or may not explain the conversions Facebook is communicating back to the FDX vendors

                  Just an FYI - last week I was at a SEO networking event here in Chicago one of the women I was speaking with worked for a large agency and is part of the teams for search at Allstate and Home Depot - you get the picture. She interacts with their social media teams all the time - looked me in the eye and said "the problem with selling on Facebook is the fans are sitting at the top of the funnel"

                  To complicate things 70% of our fans are out of the US and I haven't been happy with bongo or the other international shipper so I'm unable to tap into that market currently - if you know of an international shipping company that syncs with 3-D cart - please let me know

                  for now our Facebook ad spend will be to push visitors to like gated sweepstakes pages solely for the collection of emails. I'm finding the cost around three dollars per email and they seem to have some quality to them - I haven't been able to nail down churn but I'm told with the new custom audience features Facebook is making available I should be able to get a better handle on those metrics

                  Take care


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                    Well I was specifically wondering about Adroll...... or any other retargeting you've tried.