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  • Best place to advertise

    What have you had the best luck with?

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    Google Adwords: Expensive but effective. Product Search campaigns cost less per click and do generate quite a bit of business. You have to review the Search Term report regularly and add Negative Keywords to block any non-performing search keywords

    Amazon Ads: Brings in lots of leads. Harder to manage than adwords. You have to download the activity report and de-activate any high cost, low conversion items regularly.

    Facebook: brings in some clicks and likes but not conversions.

    Mailers (e-mail): the best and most cost effective.


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      Ive tried facebook and got alot of facebook likes and only like 1 sale.

      How do you go about getting email addresses to do Advertise by Email?


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        * You should have an e-mail sign form on every page on your site.
        * You can run prize promotions for customers to enter to Win. We set up a form with and put it on an extra-page called Giveaway!. People will willingly give you their e-mail address.
        * Use an app like to have an offer popup to collect e-mails. You can have all sort of likes and follows on it, but we only offer e-mail sign up, or a Facebook like for a 5% coupon. We get about 7-10 signups per day.
        * People can sign up for your mailing list during checkout by ticking a box. If you use mailchimp, the e-mails are automatically sent there. If you use the native 3dcart mailing list, it used to be that you have to add them manually (you find the subscribe flag on the account page). This might have been fixed, but I am not sure. Someone please chime in if you know


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          Does anyone have any updates to the above.

          Looking to start Adwords for the first time.

          Any tips on Adwords or others would be appreciated.