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    How does one go about getting backward links?

    I have been checking other people's sites and it seems that a LOT of the backward links are from their own website... I guess I am mistakened, but I thought backward links were to come from other websites...

    I have been pushing hard to get listed on my product manufacturer's websites, which hopefully will pay off eventually. I haven't contacted all of them yet and some do not/will not list for various reasons, but I have been listed on several. Nothing in Google yet for that, but it could take some time.

    After that, I will push to get listed in more directories. I tried that with little success when I first launched the website in 2006, but I just revamped my product line, so I'll try again.

    After that, I guess its going to be PPC advertising.

    That aside, I am trying to get some good backward links for now. Any suggestions? - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors

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    Posting to forums such as this one will give you a bunch of links, also posting to a blog that links back to your site will give you some too.

    Directories are being less important since most have no usefulness and Google may not recognize them because they could be paid links.

    Issuing press releases and writing articles are another way to generate links.

    Also, you could try Linkreferral, you might pick some up through there too.


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      I had always heard that back links need to be from relevant websites that contain related content. Is there a 'value" given to the backlinks?


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        Thanks for the info. What is linkreferral? I have always been leary of that kind of stuff because there is so much spam out there.

        I have a few articles on my site and am trying to get more together. One think that is disappointing about 3dcart is that it does not add the extra content pages to the sitemap, so google and others have to find it through links or direct referral.

        Mark, I too have wondered about the quality of the internal links popping up. I'll keep pushing and see what happens.

        Thanks! Keep the ideas coming! - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors


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          How does Google determine if something is a backward link? If I choose "backward links" in my google toolbar, it shows only 5 or so results.

          However, if I search for "", it returns this:


          Obviously Google has found a lot of pages that reference Why aren't they listed as backlinks?
 - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors


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            Actually I saw only 5-6 unique links. Two were links via an exit page that does not give you a back-link (look at the source) and google only showed 1 page plus 2 web sites on the second page. The rest were redundant.

            You can submit multiple site maps to google, just make sure they do not overlap.


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              Originally posted by Mark View Post
              I had always heard that back links need to be from relevant websites that contain related content. Is there a 'value" given to the backlinks?
              The more relevant the link referrer, the more value it has.

              If you sell wedding cakes, and your link is on a links page of someone's personal home page, the value is 0.

              If your link, however, is from a website that has high volume and specializes in weddings, then you get a lot of value from it.


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                I agree. I noticed from looking at similar site backlinks that there were quite a few from that site. I wasn't sure if they actually helped anything or not. My hunch is that you are correct and they have little to no affect on the site's ranking.
       - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors


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                  We often get email requests for a link exchange.
                  We have never accepted ANY
                  Reason being, they were unrelated content and often, only contained links to "eBay" which we want NO relevancy at all whatsoever....:rolleyes:


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                    Building backlinks is tricky and takes time and effort. One approach is to create a ton of cool content that people will naturally link to. The other is roll up the sleeves and get the links the hard way.

                    I have some tips here: