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  • Dmoz

    Does anyone know why the DMOZ stopped accepting new websites? Does anyone know their agenda? :confused:

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    It hasn't stopped taking submissions. Once you've drilled down far enough into a category, up top is a link to Suggest Url.

    You can see it here, in this category


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      Yeah, you can submitt URLs, but, nothing's changed. URLs you submit still wont get listed.
      We have submitted URLs for three years with never a listing. And these URLs we submitted were quality links. Not just our own, but, relevant, quality links that didn't exist in their categories and were not duplicate content or mirror sites or anything like that. In fact, we even submitted links to quality sites for our home town. They still have dead links in their database from the 1990s. Just not sure why they don't keep an up-to-date directory? Oh well, seems yahoo will fill this bill shortly....:D


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        "It hasn't stopped taking submissions. Once you've drilled down far enough into a category, up top is a link to Suggest Url.

        You can see it here, in this category"

        Uhm, they still don't accept new submisssions. Wonder what happened?
        Did the project just get droppped?
        I think so.....
        There's no new links
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          Can anyone confirm they have evidence of a new or recent listing? :confused: :confused:
          Thanks in advance! :)
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            They're still accepting new links. Check out the blog and see that its not a dead source


            Here's a few things to keep in mind:
            1. Only Google knows how much bing in DMOZ will affect Google.
            2. Online stores, are not informational sources, so being listed is quite a chore.
            3. Having great content and great, pertinent links incoming will give you WAY more google juice than being in DMOZ.

            So relax :)


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              Actually, DMOZ is NOT accepting any new links.
              We are trying to find a way to become "unlisted" in DMOZ! :rolleyes:
              We'd prefer not to be listed in their directory anymore, due to their lack of communications.
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                DMOZ is famous for taking a long time to update their listings and to add new sites. It was the thing to do for SEO purposes since a lot of the search engines used as a good link source. I'm not sure it counts for as much anymore, but it couldn't hurt.

                I've heard of it taking months to years for a site to be approved by the moderators. There are so many new sites that go up everyday that it is hard to keep up on the submissions.


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                  Yes, I pretty much agree they are worthless in this day and age. In their time, it was a noble effort, but, they have died off, and it cannot function as designed, at least not in this day and age. If google is still using them as their primary source of leads, that's really shameful. We've been in ecommerce for 8 years and have some listings with them, and have discovered over the years that it is the most arrogant, pompus, narcisictic group of folks we have come upon.
                  You can't even contact them!!!!! :rolleyes:
                  We have some store still listed with them and some stores NOT listed with them. The stores we DO have listed with them are not doing as well as the stores NOT listed with them. So, since they have not updated our listing, despite numerous attempts to get our info corrected, we would like to OPT_OUT of their directory altogether!
                  3dcart SEO does GREAT without this hinderance! :D


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                    the problem with the open directory project is that only categories that voluteers have signed up to review are reviewed. In other words, if your business is concessions, and there are no volunteer editors for concessions or concession supplies, your category will never be reviewed. Their fault is they created categories without reviewers for each of the categories.
                    Check out this link from their very own forum!

                    They spend time indicating your site will, at best, be reviewed in a few years, when in fact they could actually be using that forum time to be reviewing suggestions.
                    What we did, was, purchase a php directory software and setup our OWN directory! We actually review submissions! Imagine that? :confused:


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                      I have tried to get my site listed for over 3 years, and I've also volunteered to help, neither of which got any notice.