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  • Growing a mailing list

    I desperately need to grow my mailing list. I currently have about 200 people and need to add at least a zero to that, muy pronto!

    I'm running a contest to try to drive that number, but it's been slower than expected.

    I tried a refer-a-friend but got nothing good out of that.

    I've tried a hover form from aweber with some good, but not what I need.

    If you've successfully grown an opt in mailing list, how have you done it?

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    Time usually fixes that. It's not really what you're after, but I find customers that sign up without excessive prompting tend to be more valuable.


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      I don't know what kind of products you sell, but we offer a free sample every month to everyone who has joined out mailing list. I have grown it at a rate of about 1000 people a year. (at 4,000 now)

      This also increases business, as they are coming back every month for the sample, and then also buy something as well.

      We use MailChimp, they also have a lot of nice features like birthday e-mails, and a service called "social pro" that will populate your subscribers information from facebook, myspace, and twitter. (like age, sex, location, job, picture)


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        What kind of samples do you send out? Seems with postage, that samples would greatly add to customer acquisition cost?

        I sell makeup.


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          I have a physical retail store... so if someone just wants the sample they can come in and pick it up (we have a few people who abuse the system, but not enough to make us stop).

          If they are ordering online, then at checkout they can write in the comment section what they would like to try as a sample and we will include it in the box.

          Makeup seems like the perfect item to do this with, you could purchase (or get) little sample packs from the manufacture... then each month when someone orders they can pick out what they want to try.

          I have noticed on more expensive items people like to know if they like it before paying the extra cost. So it may even lead to higher sales.