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    I am working on my Bing product feed and cant figure out how to have all of categories match with Bing.

    Is this what I need:
    Clothing & Shoes>Women>Lingerie>Lingerie Set

    Or do I just need the >Lingerie> portion of this to be added to the proper category? Is this even a big deal or will I be good with just Clothing & Shoes?

    I would like to have this somewhat automated -- so I dont need to go in and add the categories everyday -- just need to generate the feed.

    Also, I have flat shipping of $5.95 but its not showing on my feed... is there a way to correct that?

    Thanks for your suggestions...

    Thanks ~ Cristy

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    Don't you have somebody over on the Bing side that approves your feed?

    I did my first one a couple of weeks ago and one of the staff members emailed me what I needed to change. He was really helpful.



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      Look like you still have you issues unresolved.

      I would strongly suggest to call their support team, 9543320581. You also have an option for live chat.

      Please share your experiences.
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