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  • Which One to Use?


    I am going through the marketing> shopping section and there are some great ones listed. Obviously Google is a must and, I think, Bing is too, if you can get on it. But about the other ones?

    Which ones do you use?

    Thanks for your input.


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    We also use...

    The Find. Some traffic so worth the effort. They accept your Google Merchant Center Feed so it's easy to do.

    We have a low opinion of shopping sites as a whole. For us anyway, its Google, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook. This site has only been up since January 2011 but already we are getting backlinks from sites we didn't pursue - just the way of the WWW. And we have had lots of visitors bookmark us and hope that bodes well for the holiday season.

    Just now getting serious about marketing as the site has taken lots of time to load.

    All the Best,
    John and The Gang
    At The G1 Gallery


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      The find. Hmm, I have to check that out. Thanks!

      I know what you mean about getting ready to market. I am in the same boat. I have to come out every year with a couple of fashion collections for the dogs and since it is only me, it is hard to do everything.

      I need to spend my time where I get most bang for my buck.

      Thanks again.



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        The Find

        Just had a sale from The Find today.......


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          Congratulations!!! That is super!

          I am working on a couple of my other sites that need to have their descriptions redone due to the Google Panda effect...but after that I will concentrate on thefind etc.

          Thanks for keeping me posted!