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3 Tips to Improve your PageRank

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  • 3 Tips to Improve your PageRank

    Hey Guys

    There was a really good discussion going about pagerank in the forums and so I wanted to offer some tips on the blog.

    Check out 3 Tips to Improve your PageRank/ for some simple methods to boost your SEO. If you guys have any additions, we'd love to hear them!

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    3 Tips to Improve your PageRank


    Making use of discussion forums is a simple way to get backlinks and raise your page rank. How do you exactly do that? In your forum profile, you are able to generate a signature that has a link to your site, and this appears when you post to the forum.

    One effective method for boosting page rank is to look for other high PR blogs in a similar niche as your own and then leave comments on them. This can help you to build some good backlinks all pointing to your website, which will help raise your own PR.

    Finally, if you want to improve your page rank, you have to pay attention to your internal linking as well as backlinks. You can have a number of articles on your sites on different pages, which you can interlink to give your site the PR boost. This will also contribute to the page views of your site.