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Google 'Missing Unique Product Identifiers'

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  • Google 'Missing Unique Product Identifiers'

    I'm getting a 'critical error' with my Google product feed. Out of 360+ items, 2 are flagged as having "Missing Unique Product Identifiers". In each case, I'm using the manufacturers part number. Both of these numbers were taken directly from the manufacturers web site and are the same number marked on the package.

    Any idea what is happening with Google product feed? I think that all of my products were taken down from Google because of this 'error'.



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    "Missing Unique Identifier" : you should have UPC code and/or Brand and Manufacturer Part Number. (GTIN or Brand+MPN)
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      That's the whole point. I do have the manufacturer and the MPN. Out of hundreds of items on the web site, many from the same manufacturer, only 2 have this problem. This is their MPN, not something I made up. Both are searchable on the manufacturers web site.

      Any ideas?

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        Are you selling in apparel categories?
        If so you need other fields: Gender, Age Group, Color

        The following link will only work if you are logged in to your Google Merchant Center:

        Products Feed Specification - Google Merchant Center Help
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          No apparel, mostly soldering equipment and accessories. The 2 specific problem children are a Weller soldering iron heater and a tip.


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            Wild guess,
            The weller 33 iron heater and the tip is also a 2 digit P/N.
            If so you need to add a couple digits.
            We had this on several products from two OEMs.
            Added the first two letters of the mfgr to the front of the 2 letter ID and fixed it.