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Google: Cannot load into debugger (file too large)?

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  • Google: Cannot load into debugger (file too large)?

    This evening I log into my Google Merchant Account to see Google's latest message to decode: Cannot load into debugger (file too large)

    Also some 300 of my stores items have fallen off the Google radar per my dashboard. Of course I do a Google search with the bold term above and only receive this in return: Google Product Search Feed Errors

    Your thoughts and input are greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.
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    This has been like this for a few days now.

    In order to see your errors on debugger you can do the following:
    • In the Dashboard of your Google Merchant Center, click on :
    [x] of [y] items inserted (View errors)
    • Then under Item Errors or Warnings click on each individual:
      Load Item into Debugger
    You will see your cause of the errors there. I know 300 is a lot, but in the dashboard you can narrow down the basic problem with your items without having to load the debugger.
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      Thank you Elegant for your reply.

      This morning I looked at my Merchant Center, all my items are good.

      Just after midnight EST I uploaded a new text file, I still have the same error message, now my items are visible the 300 removed items are back. All the items Google had issues with were removed from my dashboard yesterday. I wonder if this is another glitch by the Google group?
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