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SEO-- I have no clue what to do next.

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  • SEO-- I have no clue what to do next.

    Ok guys SEO has always been one of those things that I never really grasped fully. From my understanding making sure the Meta descriptions and Keywords are placed for search engines to pick them up. Write your descriptions to help shine on the key words and also give good ideas of what the product / page contains. It seems like most SEO info and how to stuff is written for blogs and other marketing crap sites. I don't really get what to do with a Ecommerce site.

    Should main category and sub category pages have content and descriptions?

    What about pages like this for example. Should I have a meta desctiption and Keywords placed in that category page? Am i missing out on a ton of optimization by not having them on these pages? I really did not know to do this when I started building our site so I have thousands of these pages that are just category named and have products in them. I focused more on getting products filled out with descriptions and some keywords.

    I am really trying to find areas to improve upon as we have lost nearly 65-75% of our traffic and sales in the last 30 days. When we migrated from BC our sales actually stayed where we wanted them, but May tanked I don't think we have had sales that low since the first month or so we launched the store. And going multiple days with out a single sale has not happened since we launched.

    I have been keeping an eye on our customer side of the site to make sure things are functioning properly and keeping an eye on the google tools to see if we have any penalty's, but everything is looking normal. Our bounce rate for vistors is horrible and I am not sure what to do to change that.

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    When I searched on Google for "SPEC Stage 4 Clutch Kit For Use With Aftermarket Flywheel 10-13 Camaro SS" you come up #1 on organic listings. However, when I searched for "aftermarket flywheels" I did not see you on the first couple pages. It is the same for my site,, when someone searches for a very specific product I carry I come up #1 but more broad terms you have to hunt to find me. If you search for "beads" I am buried. However, if you search for a specific bead I carry like, "czech glass jet bronze brick beads" I am #1 in the organic. That is true for me even on pretty new product lines. I think it has more to do with the amount of overall traffic coming into the website as to where you rank on broader terms but on more specifics Google is really good about giving you credit for what you have. I have been trying to put a lot more effort lately into my individual product's long description. I think that is helping some but again only if someone is searching for something pretty specific.


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      The problem is the information that has trickled down about SEO to those of us who don't work at it constantly is that it is often outdated by the time it gets to us. For example, you mentioned adding keywords, but you also have to be aware of "keyword stuffing." (Adding too many keywords, or keywords that don't appear on your page even if they are related, or keywords semantic search would deem irrelevant).

      I'm reading Google Semantic Search: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques That Gets Your Company More Traffic, Increases Brand Impact and Amplifies Your Online Presence by David Amerland and it's been pretty eye-opening. I think this guide will help you pick out what you're interested in (yes, it's a guide to finding the right guide).

      And of course, there's always MOZ:
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