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    Has anyone tried JumpFly? We are considering retaining a PPC agency. Last one burned us to a crisp. But, I'm ever hopeful that there is a decent one out there. Experiences?

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    How did they burn you?


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      Rob, I sent you a pm.


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        We're happy to do a free audit and let you know. - we work with a lot of direct to consumer ecommerce companies in the $3-$30M in annual revenue space.


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          I've tried a few and they all sucked. When their business model is "The more you spend with Google, the more they charge you." you can guess where it's going to go and it's not going to be on your ROI. If I could find one that was truely performace based I might try again. Be carefull! None of them will really put their money where their mouths are.


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            Monthly Management Fee

            Once we launch, much is needed to maximize results within these competitive, real time platforms. It is necessary to monitor, strategize, build, change and report on a regular, ongoing basis. We charge a flat, ongoing monthly management fee based on your total monthly traffic budget to take care of everything for you. This ensures your accounts are always ready to take advantage of everything Google, Bing and Yahoo ads will bring to your business.

            Run, don't just walk away from these guys. Then they'll hit you with a contract because you'll want to cancel when you realize how much they suck. And ROI Swift, if you use the same model. I will say the same about you.


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              If they can't provide real conversion metrics they've achieved for past clients, don't even bother with them. Most agencies boast about their clicks/impressions, etc which doesn't even prove those campaigns were able to convert a visitor into a real paying customer. Which ultimately is the main purpose for marketing.