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3D Secure and unique order numbers

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  • 3D Secure and unique order numbers


    Does anyone on here use Sagepay (Protx) as their payment gateway?

    I tried to do an order through my website when 3D Secure was switched on through my Sagepay account. The order failed as I was not directed to 3D Secures site whilst putting my order through. Does anyone know how I can switch 3D Secure on through my 3Dcart admin panel? Or how I can make it work?

    Another problem I am having is that each order or attempt to order should have a different order number being sent to Sagepay. I tried a transaction on my own card which failed because I made a mistake when typing in my credit card details. This sent Sagepay a failed order and the order number was 1028. I tried the order again but with the right card details, but this was not authorised by Sagepay as this order ALSO sent an order number of 1028, which had already been used the first time. The second attempt to order should be 1029, then a third attempt would be 1030 for example. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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