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  • Making Seal HTTPS

    I was testing my checkout page on IE and the error comes up that there are some unsecure items do you wish to continue. So I started checking all logos and that one is not https. I change it so it shows as https but then if you click the page it says im not verified, does anyone know how to edit the seal coding to work through https? Thanks for your help.

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    This is probably due to still having something in your design that's using an absolute URL rather than a relative one (e.g. "" vs "assets/images/picture.jpg"). Sounds like you've checked, but I bet you have something hiding in there somewhere.


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      That's what I was hoping for but it isn't. Those are all https. I took out the logo to see if it was that and it was. That message doesn't come up without it. Pretty dumb that it wasn't made in https if it's something I can't change. I can possibly just have to authorize logo but want my certificate to be clickable for people if I do have it.


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        I've got the badge on my sercured pages with no errors. I'm not sure why your is showing the security popup. If i'm not mistaken it should pull the badge from their secure server. You might want to check with to see if there is a setting to change in regards to this.
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