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  • credit card fraud - Authorizenet

    Hi! I think I encountered my first case of fraud. Does Authorizenet offer any kind of protection (will I be reimbursed) or will I have to swallow the loss? Any input would be greatly appreciated as their customer service won't be available until Monday. Thanks!

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    They do have an additional fraud protection level which is available and it comes at an additional fee.

    Personally I'm on my 3rd fraud in 5yrs and have never seen a dime returned to me, no matter how much supporting documentation I provide.


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      same here never got a dime back. dealing with the CC processor was difficult to say the least during the time of the chargebacks.


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        Shoot! That's what I was afraid of! Authorizenet offers additional protection for an extra $10 month - shouldn't it be their responsibility to do a high level of screening for every transaction? Thanks for the replies :o


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          They DO a high level screening for every transaction, you just have to set up your account to use it. Are you using AVS and CVV match checking? That's the high level screening they have available for free. If you're letting through all orders regardless of their AVS and CVV result codes, then you're setting yourself up for lots of fraud. Tighten those down a bit and you'll have less of a problem. However, if you make it TOO tight, then no one will be able to place orders in your store. It's a fine line you've gotta walk. :(


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            We have advanced screening that we use for countries but piaf's right on the CVV and AVS it's a judgement call.

            We require a total match for CVV and a partial match for AVS with no flags. No match on AVS goes too but we get notified.

            We were losing customers on perfect AVS match because they might have mistyped a letter or not the proper PO address format.

            No AVS match we briefly research the info first. If concerned we contact the customer to ask if they and what they ordered and there was a discrepancy so wanted to verify the purchase for their safety. Customers know these answers and are always happy we checked with them and have good answers. Heard a few good ones but all true. Scammers could be clueless as to who and what etc and get defensive.


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              I use CVV and AVS. I guess it was my own fault for not investigating a little before I shipped overnight express - had someone use a Ft worth, TX billing address and shipped goods to San Antonio, Tx - the post office did get a signature at time of delivery. Strange thing is the IP address for the order was from a different suburb of Dallas. If something like this happens again, how would I contact the credit card company to verify the name matches the CC?
              The transaction was approved but they used a fraudulent name but the address and CVV matched.


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                Overnight shipping would have been the first clue it was fraud. They want the goods in hand before anyone reports the card stolen, so they ship it overnight. Hey, they're not paying for that high priced shipping, so why not use it! That's not to say that every overnight order is fraud, but if it's overnight AND it's not shipping to the billing address, BIG RED FLAG!


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                  Also, as a resident of the Dallas/Ft Worth area, it's very possible to have a billing address in Ft Worth and an IP in the outskirts of Dallas, the two cities are nearly next door to one another.


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                    For the 3 frauds I have had they were all Express Mail. A phone call never hurts when suspicious (stopped 2 of the 3).


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                      REAL fraud protect

                      The ONLY way to be fully protected is by using PayPal (not their credit card gateway, but simply PayPal - following their seller protection rules is required) or working with CardinalCommerce (Verified by Visa & SecureCard by MasterCard - also following their rules).

                      With these methods, you won't have to worry at all as the liability is not on you at all. However, you will not be protected accepting American Express or Discover (until they institute a program like Visa and MC).

                      There may be some hoops you need to jump through, but it is totally worth it in terms of sleeping well at night.

                      Hope this helps.



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                        American Express has an anti-fraud guarantee. I have not looked at this for a while but it was available through CyberSource. This was before Cybersource bought However, it appeared to be geared towards high dollar volume merchants because the gateway solution at that level of service cost considerably more. Their advanced fraud protection for merchants was quite extensive. Still, it was surprising to see American Express offering this.

                        Google Checkout offers protection on all cards. If they ever allow international transactions with ease, they would be the best way to go. Actually, in some ways they do allow international transactions but we have not been able to get this to work with 3dCart.


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                          The frauds that have hit me have been a US billing address shipping overseas. When I see a suspicious one, I will call. A trick fraudsters use is a wrong phone number is often supplied. Then I use Google to see if I can get a better phone number and call that. Different IP addresses, as you described, do happen since people may shop from work, vs. home.

                          I found out can do a code 10, where they will contact the credit card holder for you and verify this is a good purchase. There is a cost for this (I think $4). Even if you think a transaction is fraudulent, you can't just report the credit card is suspicious.


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                            I don't really think gives back whatever you have lost.
                            They don't really take responsibility of such thing since each of us should have purchased their protection product in order for us to be safe.
                            That is their own point I guess
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