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Some Customers not able to place credit card orders

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  • Some Customers not able to place credit card orders

    Came into the office this morning with people saying that could not place credit card orders online - We go thru First Data (who is a nightmare) but has anyone else had problems over the weekend or is it just us?

    Orders were coming in, but I guess 1/3 couldn't place orders... New to 3d Cart so was wondering if this is normal...?

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    We use Had one customer on Saturday night that said he entered his card number twice but could not finish the order. I helped him on Sunday and the card processed fine. I ran a search in however there is no record of any transactions. So it was something on the Checkout-3 page that prevented him from finalizing the order. Most of the time it is user error, however I have had issues my self on occasion where you'd get the circle going round and round without finalizing. No way to really know what happened.


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      Another two people last night (Monday night) with the same issue. I am calling First Data (who we go thru) to see if it is them. But we have had them since 2008 and never an issue, I hope this is a conflict with the settings I put in. Ugghhhhh


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        Same Frustrating Credit Card Problem Here

        I think I have duplicated the issue I was having. But 3d Cart needs to fix this - If not, I will see what I can do to hire someone since this is beyond what I know for coding.

        When someone puts in a Mastercard, but does not change the option from Visa to MasterCard or if someone puts in a Discover Card and does not change the credit card option to 'Discover' (and leaves it on say, MC or VI) They get this error.

        The problem is that it 3d cart does not tell the customer what the error is and it seems to go into this loop that will not submit the order. Its very frustrating to customers and even more frustrating for us owners.

        Each credit card has a sequence of numbers that distinguish each credit card. There NEEDS to be a place on here that will tell the customer that the credit card does not match the option. Our old shopping cart had this and its a MUST here.

        It is hard enough to get people to get to our site, like our products and actually place the order.


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          My site doesn't even have the customer chose between MC/Visa/Discover. I don't recall ever seeing a place where you would need to set that up.

          I never understand why sites make a customer select this option. You can tell from the number what type of card it is. certainly can tell what it is without being told by the customer.


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            This is the screen shot from the error message:


            Hope that link worked. I agree with you cbs