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VBV and MSC with 3Dcart

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  • VBV and MSC with 3Dcart

    Does anyone have VBC / MSC working with there 3Dcart and merchant account?

    I use Moneris for my merchant account and Cardinal Commerce for my VBV/MSC gateway.

    I am having an issue were 3Dcart is not sending the ECI code to my merchant account showing that the transaction was verified.

    3Dcart will not respond with any information as to why this is not working and they just tell me " we are looking into this issue " .

    I am losing money daily and pay for a VBV / MSC service and shopping cart fees when the system is not working properly.

    Wondering if anyone else is having this issue with 3Dcart not sending the ECI code to the merchant account?

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    Turns out we are also having issues. Did yours get cleared up? We think it has to do with 3Dcart sending the currency to Cardinal Commerce in USD and that's not something we can change/edit.