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Anybody know about this - Authorize.Net Expansion into Canada, the UK and Euro

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  • Anybody know about this - Authorize.Net Expansion into Canada, the UK and Euro

    Does this work with 3D cart (the expatiation part, not the part).

    Authorize.Net Expansion into Canada, the United Ki... - Authorize.Net Developer Community

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    It should since we don't pass the currency parameter.

    "If you’re not sending the currency code, or if you’re using any of our other Authorize.Net APIs, no changes are required at this time. The currency code for those APIs will automatically default to the currency associated with the merchant’s processor. "



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      Actually it sounds like you guys would need to do something, but it's minor I think. Support said I should make a developer suggestion (it's waiting for a moderator).

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      Overall this would be huge for some of us. Currently the only payment gateway open to us in Germany was Sage and with that we have to use 'Form'. If you don't know, this method takes you off site to a sort of dull 3 page form (4 if you count the 1st 3D checkout page).

      We've heard from customers that they don't trust the form method, so getting this to work would be pretty amazing.


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        It'll definitely work without any changes since we don't pass the currency parameter. Let me know once you have the account and I'll help you setting it up.

        We're also in conversations with Checkout By Amazon UK and Grrmany to integrate these with 3dcart.


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          Hi Jimmy,

          Sounds good.

          Also we just set up checkout by Amazon with Germany last week. They are just waiting on a final ID check.

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          I'm guessing that once they flip the switch it won't work?


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            Hi Jimmy,

            This is what the Euro said to us. Seems like we are all good based on what you said anyway.

            "In regards to 3D cart integration, our US Authorize.Net solution has exactly the same API as our European solution, the only thing that differs would be the transacting currency. Before proceeding I would advise that you contact 3D cart and ask them if their solution restricts Authorize.Net to the USD currency, if after choosing Authorize.Net as a payment gateway you’re still able to choose the transacting currency then there should not be any problems and the 2 solutions would work exactly the same."


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              So after over a month of getting everything set up it turns out it doesn't work.

              We have with CardinalCommerce and CardinalCommerce is telling us 3Dcart passed the currency to them as USD. We've tried a few things but we can't seem to get anything to work.

              I think this the 3rd processor we've tried here in Europe that lists 3D cart but doesn't work... I guess I have to start looking for a 4th tomorrow.