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Checkout by Amazon CBA Integration Question / Problem

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  • Checkout by Amazon CBA Integration Question / Problem

    Unfortunately, we will need to suspend Amazon Payments until we can fix a few problems.

    Apparently, orders are getting hung up in "not completed" in 3DCart, and is causing a few problems :

    *Order Confirmation emails are not being sent to customers, or to ourselves.

    *Details on the orders (Size, Colors, etc.) are not being received, because we are not receiving confirmation emails.

    *Orders are showing as "NOT COMPLETED", even though payment was processed through Amazon. We are receiving the notice from Amazon that the order is complete, and it will show in Seller Central, but it stays in Non Complete in 3D CART.

    Again, we will need to disabling Amazon payments because of the incomplete integration.

    Are there certain "Checkout Pipeline Settings" that need to be configured in Amazon Payments? Such as :

    Successful Payment Return URL
    Cancel Payment Return URL
    Your Account Return URL

    Instant Order Processing Notification Settings:

    Merchant URL
    Instructions at Amazon states : "The Merchant URL is the URL on your website where you want to receive notifications as the orders are processed. You will need a CGI script that can read and process notifications at this URL. If you leave this blank, you will not receive notifications."

    Integrator URL

    If so, what are the above URL's to be used in 3dCart?

    If you are aware of a fix, please let us know!


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    I followed the info in the KB article and everything worked fine the first time. And not to put too delicate a point on it, make sure you are in production mode with Amazon and not in 'sandbox' mode.

    We successfully process orders everyday with Amazon and I can attest the integration works perfectly.


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      It's been working fine for us. The orders will go into Not Completed until Amazon verifies payment. The order then moves to New.

      I recommend putting a support ticket in if it's not working for you.
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