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    My current merchant company takes fees out with each transaction instead of doing a separate transaction. This makes accounting difficult for me. I contacted them initially, and was told that after 6 months, they would change the process. After 6 months, I called them and was told that they can't change there method on internet transactions.

    I then decided to change to Intuit Merchant Services (Quickbooks). They told me that the fees are taken out as separate transactions. I got approved, but then discovered that their gateway isn't supported on 3dcart yet.

    I was curious if anyone recommends any particular merchant company that charges their fees separately.


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    Not sure what the technical term is, but tell them you want to settle all fees at the end of the month in bulk. This will make it so you have one large transaction to cover all fees. This may make it more difficult to see each fee per transaction, but it sure makes balancing easier.


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      That's what they said that they would do, except for internet transaction. Well, 99.9% of my business is done on the internet. That's why I thought I should look for a new merchant. Unfortunately, I will have to pay an early termination fee if I switch. I sure wish I could use Intuit Merchant Services gateway on this cart system. They say that it is coming, but not for awhile.


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        Sorry to hear about the early termination fee. allowed us to have this functionality for what it is worth.