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  • FattMerchant - AWESOME pricing

    We just signed up for FattMerchant - best pricing we found to date. it basically runs us $79.00 a month for the service (membership fee)per account then they charge only published interchange rates for credit cards including Amex and Discover then .10 per transaction - NO fees at all. We thought it was only for high volume merchants or that's what we were told but after we signed up I asked my sales rep and he said no it was for anyone. We did some calculations before we signed up and from the rates Bank of America was charging us for the first qtr of this year between our 2 companies it would have saved us $1,576 - I contacted BOA and they wouldn't touch the price.

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    do you still use and like FattMerchant?


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      Yes we do and love them - they have saved us a TON of money but we were using Bank of America and even though we had good rates Fatt Merchant blows them away.