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  • Stripe credit card processor

    If anyone is thinking of using Stripe as a credit card processor, please don't. I had been using Paypal Pro for 10 years with no issues but decided to switch to Stripe to save on the monthly fee and maybe try Apple Pay. Big mistake!!! Was with Stripe for 4 months and got hit with 3 fraudulent payments. As of now, I have not recovered this money. and I had to pay bank fees ranging between 15 and 19 dollars for each fraud. Not only I lost my money, but I had to pay for it. Stripe has no phone contact, their emails are mainly automated and they do nothing to help you out other than offer you words. If you are a small business, don't make the same mistake I did. Stay away at all costs.

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    it's same situation with PayPal .. you have option to set up your AVS filters same way as any other processor ..Stripe has nothing with it ..


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      What are these filters?


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        Stripe dashboard - Radar-Add Rule .... you can specify any AVS settings you want ( zip code must match , etc... )


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          Found it. Did not know you could adjust these.