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First Data / Payeezy - capturing pre-authorizations in bulk?

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  • First Data / Payeezy - capturing pre-authorizations in bulk?

    Are any of you are using First Data e4 / Payeeze or whatever the service is now named? I've noticed that their web-based software doesn't allow you to capture multiple pre-authorizations.

    Let's say you get 100 orders throughout the day, and you want to collect those authorizations, call it a day, and head home. There appears to be no way to settle all of them at once, nor is there a way to, for example, select 90 of them to process but hold off on 10. Instead, you have to painstakingly click through each transaction, one by one, to capture funds and close out the transaction.


    Like, what do higher volume merchants do at the end of the day while using this gateway? Hire someone part-time to click through hundreds of transactions? There is a CSV upload option but it requires the inclusion of the whole 16-digit credit card number, which I can't get and don't want to get.

    I'm curious if any of you have a solution for this, or can point me toward a setting or strategy that I've overlooked.
    - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting

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    I had 3dCart customize our stores to capture the payment when the order status is either moved from "New" to "Shipped" or "Processing" to Shipped". We use, but I'm sure they can do the same for that payment gateway. 3dCart was actually quite reasonable on this customization.