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Paypal Webpayments Pro Confusion

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  • Paypal Webpayments Pro Confusion

    I use Paypal Webpayments Pro. I've noticed that customers are getting confused and abandoning carts after checking out. When they click "Check Out with Paypal," they are immediately sent to the Paypal site and asked to fill in their username and password. Then, they are expected to click "Continue." After that, they are sent back to my checkout page where it appears they are to go through the checkout process again. The language isn't clear. All it should really say is "click checkout to complete your Paypal transaction." Instead, there's a confusing message asking if the customer would like to change their payment method and no instructions to click "checkout." Any ideas? I'm looking for that post-Paypal landing page simply to ask the customer to click "checkout." I don't think customer want to change their payment method after they've clicked "continue" on the Paypal page.

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    I agree with you that this process is confusing for the customer. On my site the customer gets sent to paypal and then they login, but then get sent back to my website to finish choosing shipping and insurance options. They don't understand that the process of going to paypal is so they don't have to enter any financial information on our website. They must still go through the checkout process on our website to complete payment.

    Can anyone help with a fix or wording that will be less confusing for our customers.



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      PP pro for CC payments is seamless and they stay on your site. But your right, the PP express and standard are a little 'funky' here. On our other site (you don't want to go there) it's totally integrated so never thought to check it here until now.
      PP is way less than 10% of our payments but I'm going to insert and suggest above the PP express button in the cart and PP payment method in checkout (if possible) something like "After you sign in to PP you will return to our site to select your shipping preference, then confirm your PP payment method and order"
      Hope this helps
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        Webpayment Pro

        You know, I've tried working with all these "fixes" such as incorporating special messages and language that explains what's going to happen. The truth is, customers don't want to read all that stuff.

        It should be intuitive. 3Dcart wrote the code and they should fix it. The problem is, they have no way of actually seeing how the transactions look from the customer perspective.

        There is NO way the typical customer trying to use Paypal is going to complete a transaction on the Webpayments Pro integration. They're landed back in the middle of their address information without any instruction. They're expecting to see confirmation of their transaction. Instead, they are thrown back to a page and expected to scroll down and read some illogical explanation. So frustrating.


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          I agree, the paypal standard integration is bad. But not the website payments pro it's the PP standard and express. The website payments pro is the CC processor and is seamless.

          I think I'm going to turn the standard off.


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            I had a three-way call between Paypal, me and 3dcart tech support today. Paypal informed 3dcart that there is a way to fix this and it's now in 3dcart's hands. They have the instructions to repair the code in the API. It's a two-second change, but I don't have access to the 3dcart API. This is an easy change for 3dcart to make. We'll see if they are willing to do it. The change would result in the customer who uses Paypal checkout completing the transaction on the Paypal side and not returning to my site. That's fine with me. I don't think I'm going to lose any sales by not returning the customer to my site after they've paid with Paypal express.

            It's a tiny bit of code in the API that instructs Paypal NOT to return to 3dcart, instead completing the transaction and providing confirmation and a receipt when the Paypal "continue" button is clicked. We'll see...


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              What I find strange is that with standard you've filled out all the info, selected shipping, etc. If it's sending this info why is it coming back. When you hit continue it should come back to say thank you for your order.


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                That's because 3dcart developers chose to force the customer to come back to your site on all paypal express transactions in Webpayments Pro. And that is part of the API, which can only be changed by 3dcart. I have a ticket in to change this to "commit." This is a well-intended attempt by the developers to keep the customer on your site. The problem is, there's no way for 3dcart to test this function because they don't have paypal accounts to actually test this and see what the customer sees on return. I received an email this morning from 3dcart saying that it's a good change proposal. So, this may be a fix. You could contact 3dcart and explain that you would like this change and it would help. I'd appreciate that and it would make it more likely to happen.


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                  Hi HDL,

                  I understand your concerns regarding the use of Paypal on your site and definitively want to help you the intended functionality as designed by Paypal.

                  1) Paypal Express is part of Paypal PRO, you cannot use the Credit Card portion without having PAYPAL EXPRESS enabled. So the Credit Card and the Express Checkout are both one product offered by Paypal, it's not 3DCART enforcing the use of Express Checkout.

                  2) The Paypal Express flow is explained at Paypal site on this includes going to paypal and coming back to the site to review the order before making the payment final.

                  3) There are only a handful of Paypal Certified Shopping Carts, there is a yearly certification process that shopping carts must do with Paypal to guarantee the integration is made by their guidelines, you can see the CERTIFIED SHOPPING CARTS on this link,
                  So, there are no decisions on 3DCART to force customers to do anything, this is reviewed and established by Paypal, basically, it's working exactly as it should.

                  Now, as mentioned by Mondo, Paypal Standard works exactly as you're suggesting, and perhaps that's what you should be using instead of Paypal Express, that's a redirect to Paypal's website that process the entire order on their end.

                  By looking at the Paypal Express flow on paypal's website, and also being part of the certification requirements to use Paypal Express/Pro, the VIEW CART page must have the Paypal Express logo on it, this is a requirement from Paypal and by no means it should be removed.

                  Customers go to your website, add a product to the cart, click on Paypal Express on the View Cart page, fill out the information on Paypal's website, come back the checkout page on your site, select a shipping method, enter any coupon codes and click on PLACE ORDER to confirm the payment.

                  Please if you're missing any of the elements mentioned above, or if you're experiencing any problems with the Paypal Express, Paypal Standard, Paypal PRO, or any of the Payflow solutions, then please submit a ticket and our Technical Support Department will be glad to assist you with this.