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IMPORTANT Question About PayPal Payments

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  • IMPORTANT Question About PayPal Payments

    Hi All,
    I have a question about accepting a deposit/payment via PayPal.
    Someone wants to give me his deposit via PayPal, on a classic car that I'm selling.
    Is it possible for me to get burned?
    IE: Once he takes the car, can he reverse, retract, or regneg on this deposit/payment in any way, thus leaving me high and dry without the car?
    Thank you,

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    Yes. But that is with any non cash transaction.
    If he gave you a check, he could stop payment.
    If he paid with a CC, he could dispute the charge.

    The thing with Paypal is, and someone correct me if I am wrong...your proof of delivery is a Delivery Confirmation number...which is for shipping purposes. I am not sure how you would prove the buyer took the car, unless you have them sign a receipt or something to that effect. Look over Paypal's Seller's guidelines on how to handle an in person delivery like you are describing.

    Good luck,


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      With cars, I've always delt in cash transactions, not this PP nonsense.
      If the guy isn't willing to travel with $2200 in cash, then I'll sell it to someone else.
      I actually have 3 other LOCAL fellows interested in it. :)
      One is looking at it on Friday.
      Thanks again, :) :) :)