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  • ECheque

    Not sure if Im missing something, but if someone pays by PayPal echeque it still goes in my 'NEW' orders there a way to prevent it going in here until payment has cleared - just realised I've sent an order off before its actually paid! Or can it be highlighted in someway so its obvious?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You didn't get notification from paypal that the payment was made via echeck and that it should clear in 2-3 days and to wait to ship until they notify you that the payment has cleared? I get email notifications from paypal when someone uses echeck as an option.


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      3DC does not check for echecks or clearing. You have to manage that outside the cart.


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        Blimey thats rubbish - my old shopping cart used to flag it if it hadn't been fully paid. Yes I get emails through but I didn't expect to check each order that comes in against my paypal account as I would expect it to be automatic on the orders section of 3D cart. Oh well...another thing to request!!

        thanks for letting me know guys! x