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  • Paypal Express issues

    Anyone else getting complaints from customers trying to check out with PayPal Express?

    We've had a few customers over the last couple of days tell us that they kept getting error messages (although no additional detail was provided). I can see some in the abandoned carts as well (shows up as Payment Type: 0). Part of this could be the very odd checkout flow (customer goes to PP, logs in, gets dumped back on checkout step 2 without any idea as to why or what to do next).

    I did actually have one customer on the phone. We tried several times to help him complete the order, but whenever he would try to finalize the payment (after being returned to the shopping cart), it would just hang, saying that it was "processing". He ultimately got it to work by going back to PayPal and changing the credit card that he had on file. In this case, it appears as though the issue may have been on the PayPal end, but why no error message?

    I love the fact that the customer can go directly into paypal from the cart, without having to enter all of their address info. But, it isn't worth it if we are losing customers due to a less than intuitive checkout flow and intermittent errors. I am wondering if changing to the one-page checkout process might work better with PP Express.

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    Paypal API

    Sorry, I am not using it yet, so I am not any help.
    That was my question if actually it works and is a positive benefit to our customers?
    It was funny getting a phone call from paypal to use the API , I declined to do it right away. Anyone else using it?
    Thanks for any feedback.


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      We have used Paypal for years, and have used it with both one page and two page checkout. It works in basically the same way. It is standard when checking out with Paypal to be redirected back the the site for order completion. Anyone who routinely uses Paypal as their payment source should already be familiar with that. Our customers use it all the time without any problem. The only issue we have is that, at least with one page checkout, the default shipping method is automatically selected when Paypal redirects them to our site. If the customer had selected another shipping method and doesn't double check this, then they wind up with the wrong shipping option. In the past, it was also impossible to use Paypal for checkout if the customer was using an iPad. I don't know if that problem persists or not.

      Overall, having the option to pay with Paypal is hugely beneficial for us. It is used by a lot of our customers.
      Laura Z
      Brass & Silver Traditions


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        Thanks Laura, We have used paypal since it started, but not the new express checkout.
        Thanks so much ! Lana


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          PP Express

          3-D cart comes with two PayPal checkout buttons - one on view cart and one on checkout one - we eliminated 99% of our PayPal problems when we removed the button on view cart - we also found it was confusing customers as well


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            How do you remove the PayPal button from the view cart page?


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              We've used Express for many years and just recently started having problems. A few over the past weeks where the paypal transaction actually went through but the order remained not complete on 3d. Contacted support and they said to check our IPN settings. Not sure when a change happened over the past few years, but it did and we didn't know about it. What's odd is we'd get 1000-1 successful to not, but even that is not good enough. We updated our IPN settings and have seen the issue again.


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                Can anyone tell me how to remove the paypal button?


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                  Edit your view_cart.html template --if you can't find the section to remove let me know and I'll send more thorough instructions.


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                    Go to Settings > Design > Template Editor
                    Look for this line in View_cart.html
                    <td align="center"><br />-- or -- <br /><a href="paypal_express.asp?ch=1"> <img src="" border="0" 
                    Change the <tr> to:
                    <tr style="display: none;">
                    Note that PayPal requires having the button on the View_cart page. It is part of their contract with you.