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How do you handle when seller protection is "partially eligble"

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  • How do you handle when seller protection is "partially eligble"

    Every once in a while, we get a PayPal transaction marked as "partially eligible" for their seller protection. It is almost always because the shipping address is unconfirmed. We have not yet found a good way to go about verifying whether or not the customer is legitimate. Has anyone figured out a good way to do this?

    Part of the problem is that PayPal offers virtually no assistance to the merchant in verifying the customer. They won't offer any info about the customer such as the verified billing address or phone number or email address. They simply take the approach that the merchant is on their own with making the decision of whether or not to ship.

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    I don't worry about it too much, because I don't have a lot of faith in Paypals "seller protection".

    If I am ever in doubt,

    I sometimes call the customer to "verify" the order and feel them out.

    I have google earthed the address

    Any doubts on any order, I ship it signature confirmed, so there can be no claim that it wasn't received.

    If I have serious doubts, I cancel the order. I would rather lose the sale, than lose the merchandise and the shipping costs.

    Knock on wood, but 8 years and thousands of web orders, I have only been burned 2 times.

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      Thanks. This is pretty much how I have been handling these transactions so far. It would be nice to have a few more tools to utilize besides gut feel, though.


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        Originally posted by SunshineDaydream View Post
        Any doubts on any order, I ship it signature confirmed, so there can be no claim that it wasn't received.
        In order to qualify for seller protection reimbursement, your package has to have signature requirement. Just so you all know.
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          Important Shipping Information

          Depending on the type of claim or chargeback the buyer files, you will need to provide either Proof of Shipment or Proof of Delivery to get coverage.

          If you're responding to an "item not received" claim or chargeback, you'll need to provide Proof of Delivery from a shipping company that meets the following conditions:

          * It shows the status as delivered.
          * It confirms the date the order was delivered.
          * It includes the recipient's address, including a minimum of the city & state, city & country or zip/postal code (or equivalent).
          * For payments of $250 USD (or local currency equivalent) or more, it includes proof of the recipient's signature to confirm delivery.

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            We don't bother with paying attention to it. We use other means of fraud protection.


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              In order to avoid dealing with Partially Eligible (unconfirmed Address) we changed our PayPal Fraud Settings to Reject orders with unconfirmed addresses. We had to revert back right away.

              The issue is that customers are not given any sort of error message about un-confirmed address. They just get sent back to our site and then they are in a loop PayPal-our site, and they don't know what is wrong. I thought PayPal would provide a message that only confirmed addresses are accepted, but that is not the case.


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                On Pay Pal's Site:

                Profile> Fraud Management> Upgrade. Not sure if this will help anyone, but I thought I would put this out there.

                There is an added fee for this.

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