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Post Christmas Slowdown?

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  • Post Christmas Slowdown?

    This is my second Christmas season in the website business and last year was a disaster, so I'm not sure what to expect during this time of year. So, do you experience a post Christmas slowdown till after the 1st of the new year, or is it my imagination that something like that would happen????

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    we see an INCREASE post Xmas. around 15 orders this weekend and about 25 "looks" (uncompleted orders) on both Monday and Tuesday each this week. :D
    Things usually pick up for us come Feb, but, Winter is our off-season


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      Every business is a little different ... we generally see reasonable post-holiday sales since people have gift money available or since parents are spending quality time with the kids they notice additional toys that are needed to improve playtime (i.e. this dollhouse could use more dolls or at least a hot tub ...).


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        Our business was really really slow on Christmas (23-26 Dec), some people think maybe they just have family event, and don't have a time to open the browser and 'add to cart'.

        But since this monday, its going up again.. so , maybe people just need to off from internet for those days :)