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  • Not much discussion on new version

    I just got upgraded to version 3 this week. I've had a number of small problems and a 2-3 larger ones but overall it's going well.

    I'm very surprised there isn't more discussion here on the upgrade process and new features????

    I know support doesn't want technical issues posted here - but I haven't even seen reference to standard problems like not having insurance on 1-page checkout, Templates not having same color schemes, things like that.

    I quit posting quite a while ago for reasons between me and support, but now I find I could use some help on how to get around some of the changes.

    Where is everyone???
    C Ekman
    Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner

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    we got upgraded last week and are looking at some of the new stuff. Plan to spend the day today on that....:D


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      Me too - I have a lot of orders to fill first (luckily). Then I want to start some serious 'looking'

      I do have a couple of biggies that aren't working- Tax not being added and category options not applied. But I'm confident support will get to those as soon as they are able.
      C Ekman
      Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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        Maybe you all have checked these out already - but if not be sure to view the many PDF guides written for many of the new features in ver 3.0. You can find these by searching by topic/feature on the 3dcart support site. These answered quite a few questions for me.

        Still haven't had the time to make changes to my templates or experiment with all of the new features, but also hoping to dig in within the next few days or so.


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          Yes - I've found a number of those with the "GET HELP FOR THIS PAGE" feature - that is REALLY nice!
          C Ekman
          Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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            category options not applied.

            I seem to have this issue as well. None of the category wide options work. Is this what you are talking about?


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              Yes - That's what I'm referring to - none of mine work since the upgrade.

              I submitted a High Priority ticket - but with holiday I don't expect it to get looked at right away.

              I REALLY hope this gets fixed soon - I would think it would - although according to Jimmy the no insurance options on 1-page checkout is working as it's supposed to - so not sure what they will fix and what they won't.

              I suggest you submit a ticket and treat it like a bug.

              Good Luck!
              C Ekman
              Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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                using today as a "upgrade" day. Modifying the styles/template/functionality! It's fun! :D
                next up......
                Gift Certificates....
                Affiliate Program!


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                  finally got our upgrade:)

                  :D We had really wanted to be able to use the affiliate feature before the holidays. I am having a great time working on the settings and design. This was worth the wait. We were going to swith to another provider on saturday, this was just in the nick of time.
                  have a great day:)

                  thx, wabbster


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                    we have some issues and are gradually working through them. Interestingly, we have two stores and there are different issues with each.:confused:


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                      We had a few little issues here and there with to do an we've had issues with sitemaps, googlebase, category urls, .asp pages, etc.....:(
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                        can anyone understand why all these issues weren't uncovered in test?


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                          We have had quite a few bugs as I mentioned in another post. I think they do not do true QA testing which involves really trying to break stuff to make sure everything works the way it is supposed to - they just rely on beta testing of users who signed up to beta test the carts, which isn't enough.

                          I could be wrong about this, but that is how it appears to me, based on the issues I've had. I worked for a software company where we had everything routed through the QA department and it was a long term back and forth process before something cleared QA.