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    As a follow on to Jemn's phone number thread, as a newbie user, I'd thought I share my "newbie phone order experience".

    I had a passing understanding that I could place a phone order in the systems, but never really looked at it in detail. Mistake. I highly recommend everyone to check out the tutorial on phone orders. When a customer is on the line and wants to place an order, that is not the time to figure out the system.

    After a couple of goofs*, I figured out how to input the customer info, order, etc and had no problems. But I felt bad about making the customer wait through my "learning curve", so I was going to credit them the shipping. For some reason I thought I'd wait until I got to the shipping quote to figure out the true shipping cost, but I had already completed the order by then. Oops. After trying unsuccessfully trying to cancel the transaction, I spoke to tech support and they said I'd have to do the refund via my card merchant. So, I went to PayPal and issued a partial refund for the shipping amount. No problems...

    So, this all makes sense now, but when you are "under the gun" with a customer, it doesn't. I highly recommend checking out the phone order details first before you get a call.


    * Main goof was not realizing that I had to "add" a new customer. I kept trying to enter the customer info into the slots, not realizing that those slots were to search for existing customers. You have to click "Add New" to add a customer. Again, makes perfect sense now...

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    Don't feel bad. I did the exact same thing.

    I would like to see it switched around a bit though. You have to enter all the customer info first for a new customer...billing adress, shipping etc then go add the items they want. I think it needs to be add all the items then either add a new customer or pick an existing...getting customer info should be the last step. That's the way it is in the cart. Plus I do have them change their minds sometimes on ordering and it would be easier on both of us if we hadn't entered all their info first.

    It'd be really cool if it were setup like the 1 page checkout...add all the items then do everything else one page.