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Did he get it or not?

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  • Did he get it or not?

    I shipped off an order to a customer using UPS.
    The customer claims he didn't get it and the person who signed for it doesn't work for him and he doesn't know who that person is.

    Now is the business obligated to reship a new product for him? Or is it a deal where you say "well its not my fault, take it up with UPS"?

    As a business operator, what would you do??

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    Could you contact UPS yourself? Don't they insure every package for a certain amount. If you were able to talk with the driver they may remember the package if it were recent.

    That's really odd that there was an actual signature and it was not delivered correctly.

    So hard to know who to believe as there are so many people who want to take advantage.

    Regardless of what you do UPS should be made aware that a package they delivered did not arrive at its intended destination. Probably won't do you any good - but if it's happening a lot in a certain area it may identify problems for them.

    Good luck - let us know what you decide.
    C Ekman
    Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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      It is our policy that when a UPS shipment is lost, we wait 1 week--UPS is very good about sending out a "driver check" to see exactly where the package was left. Sometimes, they realize it was left in an obscure place and the customer just didn't see it, other times they find that it was delivered to the wrong address. In any event, if it hasn't shown up in 1 week then we send out a replacement.

      With UPS you can tell them that you are sending out a replacement and request that if it does show up it be returned to you--if it doesn't then they do a credit to our account within 2 weeks. It's a very fair system, I think, and it keeps our customers happy. I can't tell you how much "good press" it has bought us on the message boards--they tell others that the customer service we provide was very helpful, even when the lost package was not our fault. As a consumer, that is the level of support that I expect from a company as well, but rarely get it. :(