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How does 3D compare to CRELoaded?

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  • How does 3D compare to CRELoaded?

    Does anyone here know anything about CREloaded? It's the only other cart we're left with to compare to 3D.

    The main advantage is there are lots of modules/features you can add so that the cost of custom programming doesn't stand in the way of implementing features.

    But I do see that 3D stores run really fast and I am really impressed. We're currently on the uncompiled version of Miva, and it's really slow.


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    I formerly used while it offered a lot I never got the traffic, sales or support I have here with 3DC
    I did a lot of researching and found some negative comments about 3DC through google after reading through them I decided it seemed more difficult users then a 3DC issue so I went with the 30 day trial and about two weeks through the trial I went with the basic package and have been happy ever since
    everyones needs are different but I would if i were you try the trial of 3DC
    the other place you mentioned I wasnt overly impressed with there site or options they advertise a nice low price but 1 year of free EMAIL and CHAT support no telephone number?
    no thanks

    Ive had a couple blips with issues here and there but always had 3DC support staff take care of me

    only way to know is try it yourself and see what works for you
    and if you run into a problem Im sure someone here in the forums community can help the "Gonz" frequently roams the boards

    Give it a spin kick the tires

    R. Davis