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  • National Pig Day ?!

    Did you know that there are A LOT of holidays, throughout each month?

    Did you ever think about using one of those as a promotional tool for your online store?

    Month Long Observances

    March Is:

    * American Red Cross Month
    * Irish-American Heritage Month
    * Music in our Schools Month
    * National Craft Month
    * National Frozen Food Month
    * National Noodle Month
    * National Nutrition Month
    * Woman's History Month
    * Youth Art Month

    Week Long Observances

    * 1st Week - Newspapers in Our School Week
    * 2nd Week - Bubble Gum Week
    * 2nd Week - Crochet Week

    March 1st

    * National Pig Day
    * Peanut Butter Lover's Day
    * Saint David's Day
    * Share a Smile Day

    March 2nd
    * Dr. Seuss's Birthday
    * Read Across America Day

    March 3rd
    * Doll Festival In Japan.
    * National Anthem Day

    March 4th
    * National Poundcake Day

    March 5th
    * Multiple Personalities Day
    * Parachute was invented By Da Vinci

    March 6th
    * Dentist Day
    * Michelangelo Buonarroti's Birthday
    * Oreo Cookies for Sale for the first time in 1912.

    March 7th
    * Telephone Patent Granted In 1876 to Alexander Graham Bell.

    March 8th
    * Buzzard Day
    The second Sunday in March, however it is celebrated on different days on different places!
    * Daylight Saving Time Begins
    * Working Women's Day

    March 9th
    * Barbie's Birthday
    * Commonwealth Day
    * No Smoking Day
    * Panic Day
    * Purim

    March 10th
    * First Paper Money Issued

    March 11th
    * First Basketball Game The first public game was on March 11, 1892.

    March 12th
    * Girl Scout Day

    March 13th
    * Good Samaritan Day
    * Uranus Discovered By William Herschel in 1781.

    March 14th
    * Albert Einstein's Birthday
    * Casey Jones' Birthday
    * Pi Day
    * Potato Chip Day

    March 15th
    * Ides of March

    March 16th
    * Everything You Do Is Right Day
    * Freedom of Information Day

    March 17th
    * Rubber Band Invented In 1845.
    * St. Patrick's Day
    * Submarine Day

    March 18th
    * Birthday of Sparky the Fire Dog
    Official mascot of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).
    * First Walk in Space
    * Johnny Appleseed Day

    March 19th
    * Swallow's Return Day

    March 20th
    * Big Bird's Birthday
    * Bill Martin Jr.'s Birthday
    * First Day of Spring
    * National Quilting Day

    March 21st
    * Children's Poetry Day
    * National Teen-Agers Day
    * Single Parents' Day

    March 22nd
    * National Goof Off Day
    * National Sing-Out Day

    March 23rd
    * Toast Day

    March 24th
    * Chocolate Covered Raisin Day
    * Harry Houdini's Birthday

    March 25th
    * Greek Independence Day
    * Pancakes First Made

    March 26th
    * Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

    March 27th
    * National "Joe" Day
    Everyone who hates their name can be called Joe this day.

    March 28th
    * Something On a Stick Day

    March 29th
    * Coca-Cola was Invented In 1886.

    March 30th
    * Alaska Purchased from Russia in 1867.
    * Doctor's Day
    * Pencil with Eraser Patented in 1858.

    March 31st
    * Cesar Chavez Day
    * First Map of the US Published
    * Tater Day