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    Did not know exactly where to post this
    anyone else having issues with google base?
    My new uploads are failing and have several errors even though I havent changed anything lately except the new products added to inventory

    and those dont seem to be the cause of this error

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    I uploaded an update file to base last night, and it was fine. I used to get an error message over my gift certificate listing, but I fixed that.


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      Thanks for the reply apparently GBase apparently was having issues last night earlier today after trying for a few hours my feed was accepted
      My feeds from 1 AM last night till 10 AM this morning
      glad they finally got the issues taken care of
      its frustrating when its not accepted and they dont give you any real answers just canned "error" messages


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        I had an issue and I think it was because I used a "text" message instead of displaying a "price"

        We had an item not due to release until late spring, so we put, Available Late Spring 2009 instead of displaying the price. Google was probably looking for a numeral. I'm not positive on this, but, once I changed it, I didn't get an error. Could have been coincedence....:o


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          Thanks for letting me know of the problems that you were having mine was... well googles was that they had issues and took a while to get them ironed out
          but it really would make it great if they had something on for Status messages then to make a person dig through pages trying to find out whats going on or if this is a known issue or whatever

          its a pain in the butt and waste of time
          not sure how many of you are home based but I am and trying to find out whats going on with google is a time waster
          yeah I know leave it and try later
          I should have.

          hope all of you have a great weekend

          PS now that the site is getting close to the halfway mark any comments? suggestions?
          yea I need to change the about us
          yes I plan on getting all of the pages sync with one another
          ie 3,1 or 1,2
          right now experimenting with that to see which style friends seem to like

          but as always others eyes and help are appreciated as there are always things I overlook


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            This is the only # I have for them, you can try calling them:

            650-623-4000 Press 0


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              Thank you Robb
              its almost the way pay-pal was a few years ago
              was a pain just trying to find a phone number for them

              but now finally they are starting to have the number where people can find it


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                Now Google Base wants the UPC codes for my products when I upload to them, has anyone else gotten anything like this??


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                  Great just what I wan.......
                  Wait a min its still april 1st still

                  This wouldnt be some crude late night april fools joke would it?


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                    This could be the end to an otherwise crappy day......:(


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                      was a good day
                      I got older...
                      and a new month arrived
                      think of all the great things happening :-)
                      *shrugs* I guess


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                        No April Fools Joke

                        My upload failed to Google Base because no UPC codes with 156 of 429 of my products that I uploaded. I've never had this before.


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                          I guess just hope its an error on googles end?
                          I had something similiar over 6 months ago and changed nothing was over 3 months but things just started working again
                          human coding perhaps?

                          on their end ?

                          lets hope so

                          best of luck I hope it gets resolved for you


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                            :-) It was bound to happen sooner or later
                            726 items out of 2450 came back as missing Identifiers
                            aka missing upc code

                            it would be great if one month went by that google didnt have some sort of issues

                            but of course it will be OUR fault because..... you know its always human error even though nothings changed



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                              Yea, my feed hasn't changed except for the addition of more products. I thought is was funny that Adwords won't let me advertise riflescopes, but I can post them on Base.

                              It also says on the Base help pages that the feed won't be rejected for missing UPC codes. But the confirmation I got says feed failed, then it says all the products were inserted. Sounds like government!!