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How often do you make exceptions from your company policies?

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  • How often do you make exceptions from your company policies?

    My customers always want me to make exceptions to my return policies. I feel like I am always making exceptions that what's the point of having policies in the first place.

    How often do you make exceptions? And under what circumstances?

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    Depends on the request and the customers attitude
    if they are just straight forward rude and demanding Ill direct them to our terms and conditions page repeat customers with a certain issue then I might make an exception more case by case depending on the attitude
    but I can understand your concerns each person has their own way of doing things and require a different approach


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      It's gets old and tired very quickly, doesn't it? :(
      Only once (that I can recall) have we stood by our guns and not given in.
      "The customer is always right"
      It hurts, I know, but, pays off in the long run....:)


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        Originally posted by Mark View Post
        It's gets old and tired very quickly, doesn't it? :(
        Only once (that I can recall) have we stood by our guns and not given in.
        "The customer is always right"
        It hurts, I know, but, pays off in the long run....:)

        So FAR I have stood to policies once and that was a woman who claimed she ordered the wrong covers I offered to send ones for her phone she snapped NO they dont even make them for my phone its to now I asked what she had she rattled off some model which I had covers for just not on the page yet as they had come in earlier that morning and she said no she was sending them back and expected a refund

        I said send them back and Ill refuse the package your attitude is very rude and I am making good faith attempts to please you
        if thats the way you choose to behave then dont expect any help from me when your ready to speak to me intelligently without the foul mouth Ill be more then happy to assist you

        Yeah I spose It wasnt handled like a big dept store but I tried
        she never sent the covers back and I never heard back from her

        *shrugs* what can ya do ?

        Im sure there will be more


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          Here at 3dcart, we have out policies set and will tend to stick to them. However, customers are people and at the end of the day, we try to make sure that their happiness prevails over whether or not we were able to stick to a blanket statement. We never like to say NO, and will instead try and think of a work around or option.


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            The bigger companies tend to stick to their policies irregardless of what the user/customer may think.

            I have a tendency to be more flexible with people and do what I can to make them happy even if I lose some money in the process.

            In business a common phrase is often uttered, "One unhappy customer can tell 8-10 people about their bad experience". Bad news travels fast as we all know.

            Take some time and read the terms of use and return policies of big retailers like Walmart, Kmart, Sears, and others. You may be surprised what you read.


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              I am a wedding business, so generally I don't get repeat customers. Obviously, they can tell others of their experiences though.

              I tend to bend over backwards for my customers, but I feel at some point I need to draw the line. For starters bc people will walk all over you, but also bc it is necessary to stay in business.

              My customers constantly want to go around my return policy, despite the fact that it is noticable posted, and they have to check a checkbox agreeing to the terms, conditions and return policy just to check out. One of the things I have to be careful with is people who want to return things after they have already used them at their wedding.

              Recently, a customer waited almost a month, which is twice as long as our return policy and wanted to return her order bc she didn't need it anymore. She was not happy when I said no bc it was well past our exceptance of our return policy. She felt I should make an exception bc she felt that "normal" return policies are 30 days and it was less than 30 days. I have done pretty extensive research on return policies in our field and although there are a few companies in our field who do offer 30 day returns, most offer what we offer or less. At anyrate, I told her we would except the return since she said it wasn't opened, but we would have to charge a restocking fee.

              Well, I received the return today and part of the order is missing despite she said she returning it all, and one of the mesh bags was cut open and then taped shut, which I can't sell now. So, I made an exception, and see where that got me, someone trying to take advantage. Based on my previous chats with this customer, I know she is going to tell me she didn't open it and that she shipped everything back despite the fact that the box that was mailed to her was almost 22 lbs, and the one mailed to me was 19lb.


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                We had some folks return "used" product that they said they couldn't use afterall. I forget the Company, but, it was a well-known company that ordered our product, served food in it at an organized event, and then returned to us "unwashed" for a refund. Sometimes to arrogance and gaul of people astonish me! :(
                One bad apple DOES spoil the whole bunch when it comes to ecommerce, I'm afraid.


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                  Sorry for the Issues you two have faced....
                  I when I sold on ebay constantly got plagued with people trying to swap out the PCB board on phones I had sold one of the main reasons I decided to stop doing phones so much and going to accessories not as many headaches
                  just last week I had 2 People both asking if I had shipped the items that they never recieved the orders
                  when I provided them tracking numbers and proof that the packages had indeed been shipped and delivered I never recieved any emails back (Shocked!) /sarcasm

                  I realize times are tough but trying to cheap people out of merchandise (my term cybershoplifting) call it whatever you want
                  I love these late night commercials showing how easy it is to make millions and sit back and let the dough roll in (dunno why the pillsbury kid popped into my head just now) anyway had to run off the 2 AM rant
                  sorry my friends


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                    The old "you didn't send me a tracking number, you must not have a way to track my shipment" routine!
                    We know it tooo well.
                    Occasionally, we may forget to put the tracking number in the cart admin when closing an order. THAT's the one that they come back on. Or, the ones with multiple packages and we only put in a single tracking number. They call and say they recevied only half their order. When we provide proof of delivery, or additional tracking numbers, funny how you never hear back from ANY of them! :mad:


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                      My customer came back and said, "Oh. I thought I told you that we weren't returning our whole order. I must of forgot." Actually, she told me she wanted to return the whole order.

                      This person definitely tried to pull a fast one, and in part I think she got away with it bc I think the whole order was used, although I can't prove it. But the bottom line is, this is actually why I would like to try to stick to my policies bc there appears to be too many people out there who are ok with scamming people/companies.


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                        Don't those scamming/con folks leave a bad taste in your mouth?
                        It sure doesn't take many of those "customers" to make you buckle down on your policies.


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                          I guess I should be thankful my items are easy and simple to do exchanges, returns etc on
                          I feel for you guys with customers like that
                          to bad there isn't a bad customer list or something so we can tell our stories or complaints

                 or something like that if there was ever such a site
                          and no that isnt a legit link so don't click on it!! lol

                          On an attempt to get a laugh here or a ewww

                          Imagine people who sell condoms or other... items online

                          I would hate to think of a return policy for those people