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    Just another tip, from a small business owner.

    We pre-package a lot of our own product and inventory it. We pre-package some of our products in the shipping boxes described in another thread. We previously used "address labels" and a jet-ink printer, but that looked really tacky and was hard to read. What we did was utilize our thermal label printer for product labels. I think we use a 2 1/2" X 4" self adhesive thermal labels in our thermal printer that we use to print UPS labels. We had to find a source for smaller, the other labels can be purchased from shipping supply places. Anyway, we setup a form in Word and we can print product labels with again, our logo/branding and also part number and bar code. (We use a barcode "font" that translates the part number to bar code.) We don't use a hand scanner yet for physical inventory, but, someday we might, and we'll be ready! :D
    The labels look great and give that professional touch and once again, free advertising and branding.
    Hope this helps someone.

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    Product Labels

    Do you use some sort of a program to print the product labels or do you have to type in the information each time before printing the labels?
    I sell a lot of small items (jewelry findings and castings) and ship the product in small plastic bags. I use a small Avery label to label the contents of each little bag, but I have to manually type in the product information for each label before printing them with a laser printer, which is quite time consuming. I would love to find a program that would automatically take the product information either from the QuickBooks sales receipt or the 3D Cart invoice or packing slip and then print the labels in much the same way that address labels can be printed. Does such a program exist?


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      There is a "mail merge" function or either the label function with the xls file that may do it. Also, maybe the csv file can print like a database with each part number on each label.
      We just have a standard template print file with the logo and such already setup. Just type in the part number, title and quantity and then print off multiple copies. Thermal labels are expensive, but, certain sizes are on sale/clearnce a lot of the time.