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    At least a couple of times a week I get emails requesting link exchanges. More often than not the contacter will want me to add there page to my site, but then will want to put my link on A site that doesn't seem to hav anything to do with, doesn't link back to it, and appears to be a website designed specifically for putting random url's on. I tend to say no to these.

    My question is, would being listed on such a site be good for SEO, or a hinderence? And what's the deal with these?

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    Really what they are trying to do is get links without specifically doing "reciprocal' linking. The theory is, if you give 'exchange' links, they somewhat cancel each other out. However, if you are vouching for site A, and site B vouches for you, there is no 'penalty' for reciprocal linking. It's a good thought...however, if the websites have absolutely nothing to do with you context wise, it's probably better off not even bothering. They are probably sending that same email to thousands of web masters hoping 1-2% of them agree. If you send 5,000 emails, and only get 1% to comply, you are still getting 50 links. For someone that is attempting to build links as quickly as possible (no matter where they come from), it's an 'effective' strategy. However, in the long run it's not going to matter. Google will catch up with them sooner or later, and classify them as link farms, or penalize them for doing such. If that were to happen any 'link juice' you would receive from those sites wouldn't be worthwhile anyways.

    Your probably better off contacting web masters yourself that have similar content to what you currently have. Find a long tail page that would specifically work for them, that gives additional value to their website. By doing this, it would inherently give their website more value (due to the additional relevant content), and you get the valuable link.