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How are your sales?

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  • How are your sales?

    How's things going?
    Is everyone up on sales?
    We are at 50 % of last years sales, so, things are looking normal, however, not golden.
    What we want to achieve this year is ZERO phone orders. We get MANY phone calls for phone orders. Not sure how to get the cozy compfy feeling out to folks, but, sometimes you just can't :(

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    Sales are very strong. We are at the revenue level right now that we were going into December last year. October is a huge month for us with costumes, and even with that in the mix last year we are already way ahead of pace. We are expecting to fully beat out last years revenue by the middle of August...with our biggest months ahead (October, and December).


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      we hope to buy a company car this year! :D
      Cross Fingers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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        We've done a lot of spending this year already. I'm ready to start clamping down!

        We opened a small storefront in the front end of our warehouse, which was a huge undertaking in itself. We also created a new website - the design charges and integration charges were quite a bit. Plus, we now have 4 freelance writers 'on staff' writing articles and product descriptions for us. Looking to hire another employee soon as well.

        Yes, I would like to stop spending =)