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Tip: encourage whitelisting on mail list sign up

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  • Tip: encourage whitelisting on mail list sign up

    Here's my tip of the day*

    Change your "Joined Mail List" message to encourage people to white list your email address.

    We have a couple thousand subscribers and we get a decent amount of returned emails that say something like "such and such user doesn't accept unsolicited emails, please jump through these hoops to get approved, blah blah". I think it's funny that THEY signed up, and yet don't go in and add us to their white list. I'm sure many of them don't know how.

    Anyway, to encourage people to do this, go into:
    Settings -> Desgin -> System Messages

    and change your "Joined Mail List" alert message to say something like this:
    Thanks for joining our newsletter!

    If you use email filters, please add [email protected] to your list of approved senders.
    Anyway, just a thought I had and thought I'd share with my fellow 3DCarters

    * I really don't offer a tip every day :)
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