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  • Hope Everyone Doing Ok

    I hope everyone is doing well with their sales. I'm probably going to pull the plug. Somehow something got corrupt in my template & I get several errors; so maybe that's the writing on the wall. Time to quit.

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    Sorry to hear that. How long has your site been up?


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      Man, are you sure?? 3DCart keeps back-ups don't they? How did it get corrupt? Someone hack it?

      Maybe we can get the errors figured out and get you back on track. Of course if it's more than just that then maybe it won't fix everything.

      Sure hate to see a fellow online merchant go.

      Best of luck no matter what you decide.

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        it took us 2 years to turn around to the positive side of break even.


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          Isn't there something that can be done - even if you start with a 3dcart template and build from there?

          I will say that I empathize with you as I made several changes to our store template over the past couple of months and seem to also be experiencing some problems. I've wondered if there is such a thing as someone hijacking traffic from another site, which I'm sure there is. I haven't been able to figure the problem out.

          For us traffic is up, but sales are down. Although sales are not awful, they definitely aren't where they should be for this time of year - even taking into account economic conditions.

          Hope things improve for you...


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            I'd have to echo what others have posted...sometimes it just takes time. This is a rough time for businesses, large and small. Is it not worth hanging in there, even with a site that is less than perfect, until you can get the errors corrected? Is there nothing that Support or the forums can do to help you?


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              They're working on it. Problems have been since Sunday. Add to cart, something about form billing. I don't want to give it up or start over but?...
              We'll see how it goes, no point in having store open, because if someone wanted something, they couldn't get it or checkout & I know if I were shopping, I'd move to next site & prob not return. So until problems are solved, I've stopped a few things.:(