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  • Single page vs. Multi-page checkout

    Well, I've found some data online that pretty much convinced me that I should at least try multi-page checkout (switching from single page.)

    One study claimed that at least one online store has increased it's conversion rates from 2.5% to over 6% after switching to multi-page.

    This will be a good test for me since my conversion rates currently sit at about 2.5%. I'd be shocked if it increased THAT much... but man if if could nearly double, it will be well worth it.

    I JUST switched over, as of my posting this, so I'll let you know what my results are.

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    Did they give any reason why? As a consumer, I'd be much more inclined to complete a simple, one page checkout. With each extra page it would give me more time to reconsider and bail.


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      One reason that I've heard is that single-page checkouts typically rely on more advanced web technologies such as heavy use of AJAX/Javascript. Some browser setups just won't work well with this, and a simple series of plain HTML form pages will be the most universally compatible.

      Ideally you would set up an A/B test for checkout, I don't think that's possible with 3DC though. You could do a manual test and change it after a week to do a rough comparison.


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        These seem like some insightful resources on the topic:
        (Includes video)
        (This is interesting, has a chart showing the conversions with different numbers of checkout pages... apparently people don't like too many or too few.)
        (Interesting Case study on Gap's single page checkout)
        (praises single page, but then read the comment afterwards)

        Another thing that is interesting is that I found it VERY EASY to find resources stating that single-page checkout increases conversion rates, etc. etc. But in EVERY CASE they were "advertising" this as a feature for their shopping cart software.

        Let me be clear that I'm not stating which one is better myself. But the resources above seem to make it worth trying both and not just assuming that single page is the best solution for everyone.

        Again, I will respond when I have enough data after switching over to let you know how it went for me.

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          Oh, and although I can't find it now, somewhere I read that out of the top 100 online stores, only 1 used single-page checkout... or something like that. Can't find it anymore... maybe I'm making that up, but it was something like that.

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            Just my spin,
            Our other site offers both and we use 3 step (4 if shipping is different from billing) We provide guidance and info at each step. Our conversion is usually usually over 5%. (niche market like you maksum)

            In some ways I think one page is to much to ask at once.

            Look at all this stuff I have to do! Yikes!

            The multi page lets the customer take baby steps making one small commitment at a time. Each step they have to say yes. I got this far I only have to do this small thing now.
            • That being said there are issues with multi page with IE7-8
            • We are using one page here but it's much better than one page one our other site.
            • We've only been opened about ten days here and had a sale but based on traffic should have had 2-3

            Hope this helps.
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              There are issues with both multipage and single page.
              Also, the "same as billing" checkbox operates differently on the various templates which is bothersome. Also, when you DO use the "Same as Billing" checkbox, your billing address does not populate the shipping field, so that again is a major problem with the single page checkout (it defaults to Alabama!) We used to use the multipage checkout, but, that was just too confusing to customers. Enter billing first??? Many of our customers ship to a different address than billing, so neither checkout method works well for us. We had to add description of what to enter where for each of the steps. We have tons of abandoned orders, but, that may be normal......our conversion is around 2%.


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                Originally posted by Mark View Post
                Enter billing first??? Many of our customers ship to a different address than billing, so neither checkout method works well for us. We had to add description of what to enter where for each of the steps. We have tons of abandoned orders, but, that may be normal......our conversion is around 2%.
                strange... with the template I've been working off of the shipping comes first, and the billing comes when they put in their cc info (which makes sense.)

                Unless I screwed it up, but I've been getting orders and it appears that's how it is.
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                  it's a little different sometimes with slight differences from cart to cart. :rolleyes:
                  Sometimes the checkbox is "checked" sometimes it's not. So, each iteration may be slightly different. We haven;t used the 4 page checkout in a while, so, it may be shipping first, but, in any event, we had to add a lot of hand-holding decriptive passages to help customers through the "difficult" process of enterering their information. It may just be our customer base has difficulty shopping online, but, we just got too many emails on the 4 page checkout to use it anymore. I'm glad you are having that great 6% conversion, we just can't reach that. 4 years, and it's still 2%
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                    Ok, well, it's been about 5 weeks or so since switching to multi-page. I'm seeing no significant difference in conversion rates. It's about .2% higher is all (notice that's POINT two).

                    It's certainly not worse, and at the end of the day, I think I prefer the multi-page process more. I think I'll keep it.

                    Just thought I'd follow up.
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                      I'm convinced that one page is cool but to much to fast. (See my previous post). We switched to multi about 3 weeks ago since orders per visit were at zero (It is still a new site with low traffic but no orders for weeks) we are now getting orders and got two from abandoned carts (two of three) by calling them through the non completed order stats.

                      I was trained that sales is a stepping process (Dale Carnegie).

                      A little extreme example: if you looked at a house and immediately after the walk through they handed you a 40 page contract and said just sign here.

                      Instead they say, based on what you said you really like the bath? "Yes" isn't the master BR perfect? "Yes" etc. then do you want to make a offer? "Yes"
                      OK then lets do some paperwork...
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