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  • Using the API

    I'm just curious if anyone is using the API and what you are using it for? Which 3rd party systems are you interested in using it with? I am looking at how I might integrate it with a Wordpress blog and maybe Google Wave.

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    Right now beware that it is output only. It is not a two way input/output API.


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      Right now I'd just like to identify text from perhaps an rss feed that has items we sell and automatically make a link at the bottom of the feed to the item in our store. Then I'd add to our wordpress blog some rss feeds related to our products that we can scan.

      I mentioned Google Wave because I have already used the API to make a robot with another REST based system and it has a wordpress extension already created.
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        What does your bot do - just create waves?


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          This is the bot I already did. I plan on working on the one I described for the 3dCart API over the holidays.