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  • Rewards based shopping cart

    Completely unrelated to 3dcart maybe...

    I am looking for a shopping cart that can take in reward points (via API etc) and let people shop in the store with their points. So the currency for products and for shoppers is points. At the same time each product in the store also has a cash price. If someone buys something or multiple things and the total point value exceeds what they have then they can use cash (credit cards) to make up for the difference.

    Ever seen a solution like this someplace?

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    Bump. Any idea if 3dcart can handle this?


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      We have something that is close to it, but not exactly...

      What you can do is use the rewards points, the rewards points could be traded for gift cards which could be used as currency. So:

      1) Customer buys first item, gets 1000 reward points.
      2) Customer uses 1000 reward points for $5.00 gift card
      3) Customer can now buy $5.00 worth of items using their reward, or, buy a $10.00 item, which would take off $5.00 and then pay the remaining $5.00 with their credit card (or any other payment method)
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        Thanks but like you said that won't do it. I need to preload the cart with customers and their points. I'll then send them a userid/password where they can log in and go shopping with those points.