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These guy rock!!

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  • These guy rock!!

    I just wanted to drop a note to everyone that I am so far extremely pleased with the service from these guys! I am not yet live, but will be in about a week. The experience is very personal, and these guys even have a sense of humor.:D

    The shopping cart is great too, and the features go on and on. They are very helpful in getting things working the way I want them to, which is extremely useful for those of us who are not heavy HTML and ASP coders.

    Carlin and Jimmy, thanks for everything so far.

    Jason G. (MistyMoon);)

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    I agree, I've been with them for two years and have no complaints/regrets! They are truly a dedicated team who seem to enjoy what they are doing and it reflects in their attitude and service.



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      I agree.
      We are (STILL) in the process of switching from M/C, and they are very helpful to us as well.


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        Hi Ben,

        Why did you leave MC?
        That was my second choice when I was choosing a host a little over a year ago.
        I have been very happy here. In fact, the personal customer service was the reason I chose 3dC over MC.

        My best,


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          i have used monster and volusion.

          i loved monster however their pricing strucutre is ridiculous once you get a decent amoun of traffic to your site they want you to spend an arm and a leg on their dedicated or partial deciated servers.

          volusion was pretty good as well i just sold the company i was using them for.

          but 3dcart i have been very happy with. we have 3 sites with them currently and possibly up to 5 by the end of the year with other projects we have planned.


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            3dCart is Super

            3dCart has been WONDERFUL to me and my business. I had quite a few problems when I switched over from Comerus. Gil, Jimmy, Carlin and Michelle were all EXTREMELY patient with me. I love the fact that they will walk you through everything. I LOVE the shopping is far better than what I used at Comersus and looks very professional.

            - Jennifer